Home Watch Services

Home Watch Services


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The Home Watch Division of Advanced Property Management Services is designed for residents that live in Southwest Florida only part of the year. We will help safeguard and protect your home in your absence. Our employees are well-trained, licensed and insured professionals. Our clients who only occupy their home part time can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having our company look after it for you. Give us the responsibility of watching your home while you are away.

Additionally, Advanced Property Management Services provides property management services for condominium associations, homeowner associations, and marinas. We also provide maintenance/handyman services to complement home watch services when there is a need for repair.

Our home watch service includes as many inspections as you require per month. We have price points to fit every need and budget. Our Basic Service Package includes:

  • Verify that all doors and windows are properly secure to minimize chance of break-ins.
  • Check for evidence of water leaks or damage and check for visual signs of mold and mildew.
  • Visual inspection for signs of insects and or rodents.
  • Check that A/C is cooling and reset thermostat and humidistat settings if needed.
  • Run water through the plumbing systems to ensure traps do not dry up, run the dishwasher to preserve the seal, flush toilets, cycle the disposal and check appliances.
  • Check that main water valve is turned off after each inspection (unless otherwise requested by client).
  • Check electric panel for tripped breakers and make sure electric water heater breaker is turned off.
  • Visual inspection throughout property including lanai and garage.
  • Walk exterior perimeter of single-family homes to check pool condition, screening, signs of vandalism, etc.
  • Check car charger to make sure green light is on and charging battery.
  • IMMEDIATE reporting to Client of any abnormalities found.
  • Provide referrals for cleanings and repairs.
  • Detailed Home Watch Inspection Report completed for each inspection displaying the condition of property with the date, time inspection was completed available electronically through an advanced software platform. You can login from our website at any time (24/7) to view any reports completed at your Florida Home.

After hurricane, windstorms or in emergencies, we will inspect storm damage to building windows, doors, shutters and screens for an additional fee. Additional visits to your home for pest control, furniture delivery, drapery installation, concierge services tailored to your specific needs are also available for an additional fee.


Q. Why not have my friend or neighbor watch my home?
A. Do you want your neighbor undertaking that responsibility? Do you want them going through you stuff? Will they be there on a regular schedule? What if damage occurs on their watch? The friendship may be destroyed. Neighbors are untrained and certainly not insured. If they are busy, or go on vacation, your home will not be their priority.

Q. My water is turned off, why would I need to worry about leaks?
A. Your A/C could freeze up or the condensate drain line could be clogged. Also, during storms your roof could leak, or the neighbor upstairs A/C could freeze up or their condensate drain line could be clogged causing damage to your unit below. Under Florida law unless you can prove negligence the damage to your unit would be your responsibility. A small water leak can lead to serious damage. Mold spreads very quickly and can lead to thousands of dollars in remediation costs and serious health-related issues. Let us help you catch it in time.

Q. I have insurance, can’t I take my chances?
A. If you leave your seasonal home for several weeks, or months, and damage occurs, your insurance carrier most likely will ask for proof of someone watching your property. Check your Homeowners insurance policy. If you cannot provide proof, your claim can be denied and considered negligent. Water leaks can destroy your home and all items inside very quickly and be very costly.

Q. Why do I need a licensed and insured home watch person?
A. Are they a reputable home watch provider? What proof do you have of them being there? Will you be notified when damage occurs immediately? Are they using your house or car while you are away? How much will your insurance pay for a claim if it exceeds an amount because of not receiving immediate contact reports? Verify the credentials of your home watch person.

Q. I leave my air conditioner on and it has just been serviced. Why would I need to worry?
A. It is not the heat. It is the humidity. Mold can start to grow in as little as 72 hours when the humidity level is high. If you leave your home in May and your AC breaks soon thereafter, it is most certain that your home will be destroyed by mold. Insurance companies often deny mold claims, or the cost could be higher than what you are insured for.

Q. I found a less expensive home watch person so why would I not go with them?
There are people who lie about their credentials. They see home watch as “easy money”. They are the ones that do not show up or misuse your property. Are they equipped to be at your home after a hurricane to inspect and, do they have access to reputable vendors in emergencies? True professionals know what to look for and have resources to handle just about any situation. Home watch is not a commodity, so the decision should never be made based on price. A real home watcher has a support system.

Advanced Property Management Services can provide you with peace of mind! We are licensed, insured and have access to experienced professionals to provide you with your needs and immediate communication if needed while you are away.


Weekly (4 to 5 times per month)$39.95 PER VISIT

Bi-Weekly (2 times per month) $39.95 PER VISIT

Monthly $49.95 PER VISIT


Vehicle Monitoring, Starting, Driving

Meeting Vendors for Repair, Delivery, etc.

Preparation for Arrival (cleaning, change AC Temp)

Maintenance Services


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